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Project Description
Custom timer job for Sharepoint 2010 which imports the results from SQL queries into Sharepoint lists.

This project requires that the Bengen Recurrence Field to be installed prior to installation.

We needed a way to import "snapshots" of data from external sources (MSSQL, MYSQL, MS ACCESS) as well as summarize some of the data from internal Sharepoint lists.

This project will install a timer job and create two lists at the site collection. The timer job, "Import data timer job" can be configured to run at any supported interval from Central Administration. Each time it runs it pulls jobs from one of the lists installed on the site collection.

The ImportDataTimerSettings list is where jobs are defined.

The ImportDataTimerHistory maintains a log for each job. Each job defines a retention period for logs so that the list does not grow too large. Jobs also define the level of logging which range from "None" to "VerboseDebug".

Although it is possible to create jobs that query internal lists, the only way that I have been succesful with it is by creating SQL statements directly against the database. I'm not aware of any dynamic sql for Sharepoint lists that allow code to run from a user defined text.

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